31 October 2004
Time to blog...

Time to blog...Oh well. What should i talk about? Seems ppl are talkin mostly bout exams...so...exams den.

Err, can't say i did REALLY well for the exams, but at least i didn do REALLY bad for it, i think... For me what i got was good enough.. Just hoping that ill get a credit for my Malay... No credit, can say bye bye to myself....lol. Gonna get back Geo as well, try to get high for dat as well...Overall, i think i did okay, considerin i didn actually study really hard for it. Oh well, its over already..so...thats that.

Now...Holiday comes in about what..2 weeks or so? i dono exact date. So..dun bother. Have fun for yer holidays ppl. What else shod i write? What else IS there to write? So...guess i end it here.

Oh yea. Err, whens halloween? Today or yesterday? I dunno. Well, Happy Halloween to everyone out there. Bai bai.

~Signin out~

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