15 August 2004
Temporarily Inactive

Sorry to upset you guys, but I am going to sit for my Tests next week. You all know what this means, you won't hear from me until 26th of August, 2004 (Thursday). Oh, the horror, the horror!!! Mua-hahahaahhaha... Anyways, I will promise I will be back to maintain this website again, and hopefuly, I will pass my test with flying colours, which is almost always the case, hehehe... (You, thinking: "Man, what a big bragger!" =P) Okay, okay, I won't say much, except wishing all of my friends good luck in their tests, and please don't repeat the same mistake again (they will know what I mean). Okay, I have a project to work on now, so I'm kind of busy thrashing away all the useless information. Sigh, this must be one of the worst projects I ever done...

This 2 weeks is also the Olympics week, and this time, they are holding it in Athens! Too bad I don't see any Bruneians taking part in any event =(...Anyways, have a great week, and take care people!

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