28 August 2004
Kae Kwang, You May Kiss My Foot!

This message is exclusively for the monkey, Kae Kwang:-

Hey, Kae Kwang! I beat you in Maths Assessment Test, by so many marks. Almost all of us at the back beat you. Brag some more lah, you! Just because you beat us in the Class Test doesn't mean that you have to brag until like that. Now that we had beaten you, you have nothing to brag about now. Haha! Maluuuuuu =P

Hey people! The class had just got back their test papers. For me, well, I'm quite satisfied with my marks...I don't really know about others, hehehe...Finally I'm now ahead of Jia Jia, maybe I can be the top dog of the class =D I'm just worried about Computer, Commerce and Bahasa Melayu, I just hope I can get credit for these two...Oh well, what can I do at the meantime? Just pray pray pray hard that I can get credits. I guess that is all for today, I will see you all later, bye guys!

P.S. Loser! To Kae Kwang

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