28 March 2004


Viola! Behold, the artist's masterpiece...umm...What on earth is this?! Oh well, guess this is my "new" layout. I just hope it's not permanent! So far today nothing interesting had happened, but yesterday, I had met this girl who is Jason's friend. She is a smart Alec. Surprisingly, she acts like an ordinary girl with no super-telekenitic powers(How do you spell it?). Oh well, that's human nature all right.

Yesterday, Steven and I talked a lot about Pokemon. And we really TALKED A LOT! Well, discussed about the legendary Latios and Latias, and Mirage Island! Hmm...I wonder how to get there? "Lol"

Too bad today is the last day of school holidays. I'm going back to school, back to school, back to school! How sad. Luckily I finished all of my homework, except for the Science Sample Papers for this competition. Hey, no sweat! Tomorrow we are going to have Practical lessons, I don't think teacher will discuss the answers yet, so, maybe I do it after school. ;) Anyway, I think I wrote enough for today, I see you guys again...tomorrow. Hopefully there is no homework to delay me from posting more of this. Take care people.

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