29 March 2004


Yahoo! There's a new "tagboard" down there, and you guys can actually tag! Isn't it cool? I really must give credit to MyShoutBox.com . Come get it there! And look at the Status Bar, did you see anything? Open your eyes wide...

Today, for some reason, my mood is half-happy, half-sad. Don't know why. Maybe because Jia Jia beat me in...(On the Phone)...Sorry for the interruption, my big brother was calling in from Australia...haha...talked about some things, even asked him to check out this website. Whhops! As I was saying, Jia Jia beat me on this first Assessment Test, now planning to plot revenge!!! Mua-hahhahahah...

Stay tuned, and look out for updates. That's all the time I have, see you later, folks!

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