10 April 2004


13 39 in the school canteen- While I was about to throw away the empty food box into the bin, I noticed this black and white cat, staring pitifully at me. Thinking it was hungry, I gave it my small piece of mushroom white I hadn't eat (talk about cheap!). Oh well, so this cat was like smelling at the mushroom and as if he rejected it, stared at me, right into the remaining chicken pieces left on the box. I was so scared, thinking that it would bite me, so I lowered the box and the cat quickly grabbed the chicken and ate it away.

Poor cat, I think it must not had eaten for a past few days. Its tail tied up in a knot by some fellow, I truly do feel so sorry for it, though it is a cat. This sent me into a deep thought. I suddenly felt myself lucky that I had food to eat, a house to live in, and clothes to wear. And this cat here, looks abandoned. YHet, it accepted my food n grace and started to eat it hungrily.

Think about this: How many times have you turned down on broccolis which your Mom cooked for you (or just some other kind of food which you just hated)? How many times have you thrown away food which wasn't even touched by you? And how many times have you felt jealous because your friend can afford to buy 10000000 mini car models?I might sound a bit sarcastic, but you should feel lucky. All over the world, there are a lot of people who suffered in hunger, poverty, famine...They would like some of your food, some of your money, some of your clothings. Yet we human beings are taught to be selfish, merciless, jealous and unforgiving as well as inconsiderate...

Think before you throw your food away, or turned down an offer on food which you dislike, because there are many people in this world who just want to have a share of your food. Anyway, would you rather eat that food rather than being hungry?

You are lucky. We all are lucky. Give thanks to the Lord who gave you food, clothing and shelter. Bless you all people, and have a nice day.

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