01 April 2004


I'm really sorry I wasn't able to blog yesterday, because there was a tonne of homework, then I need to go for Taekwondo classes, then I have to follow my Dad around and take-away some "Char Sau" rice...Yum! On the way back, there was a heavy rainstorm. Worse still, my younger brother need to use the computer. Oh well. Only until the storm was getting heavy he had to turn off the computer. Right after the storm was over, I need to go down and eat, get ready for bed, etc.

I'm not making things up, I am totally serious about it. Well, even today is April's Fool! Yesterday wasn't a good day for the teachers, I don't know why...It was like, their expressions turned down right sour...ill...

Nothing much about yesterday. Today, it is April Fool's Day, a day to be celebrated by jokers and great liars, and coincidentally, Jason S. Birthday falls on the same day. Isn't that great? Too bad he was fooled by his friends..."lol"

And for me, I was also not spared. I even feel for tricks like "Your shirt is dirty!". Let's just say I'm a vulnerable victim. I guess that's it for today, now, I need to check out on my Neopets. I don't know how hungry my Gelert is, probably it's dying..."lol" So, in the meantime people, take care, have fun, and don't fall for tricks on April Fool's Day!

Oh yeah, in April Fool's Day, Honesty ain't the best Policy.

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