05 April 2004


You might have noticed that I did not post for already a couple of days, because I'm really busy playing Neopets, and, nothing much had happened. Very boring (>.<)zZ. I don't know whether you guys can believe it or not, I think my house is...haunted. You heard it people! My maid sweared that she heard someone knocking outside of my bedroom door in the middle of the night.

Then after that, the "spirit" went to my little brother's door and then knocked on it a few times, and then left. Okay, I was very spooked by listening to her...declaration! One time, when one of my maids was left alone in the house when the whole lot of my family went to Australia, she heard the hooves of a "horse" running around...in my house!

Okay, uhh....this is really scary, a horse running around our house! Is our house built on a plot of "uncleanse" land. Our stupid feng shui master who came all the way from Hong Kong (I think he is a conman) said nothing about our house, only moved some furnitures...I think the feng shui of our house is not good, because I have recently read a book titled "The Everything Feng Shui Book". Sounds ridiculous, but then...are their claims totally true at all?

A couple of nights ago, while I was brushing my teeth, I can hear the soft piano music being played from the ground floor (I live in a double storey house). Its kind of nice, but its rhytmn continued a couple of times before it finally stopped. No one was downstairs at that time, everyone was upstairs, including me, and whether it was imagination or my neighbour's kid playing the piano, only God knows what has happened. (Turns my head around)

I am getting spooked by telling you all this, and I think I'm going to tell my parents about it. In the meantime take care...and my advice is don't wander around cemeteries at night...or you will scare yourself to death...

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