26 May 2004


Uh...Okay...I am terribly sorry that I have not log in since last month, because I'm really busy preparing for exams. Well, now I'm back. I'm suppose to log online a couple of days ago, but I was held up because I was busy playing Pokemon Ruby?! Hehehehehhe...

Well, its been a month, so there is definitely something going in in Brunei, my life etc. First of all, let me tell you all the facts that I have studied. Forget it! The exam is over, so if you want to know, please e-mail me, okay? =P

Our class suddenly got for a worse when there was a cheating case that happened during the exams in our class. It would have been okay IF it wasn't because of...Hmmm, I'm not telling, because I'm just protecting the rights of these people. Anyway, they had already received their punishment, so...I won't really go into much detail. I hope you guys understand.

I'm planning to give my website a new look, but then, I'm so engrossed into Pokemon Ruby I wonder whether I have the time to renovate it. I just hope that I defeat the Elite 4 as soon as possible. I have to have my dinner now, so I see you guys later. Ciao!

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