29 May 2004


YAY! Kae Kwang lost his pencil box, but unfortunately I have found it...BOO! He's kind of annoying, so this loss teaches him a lesson, but then, indirectly this helps me to gain my reputation as the best detective in the whole of F2Y! Ummm...and I saved the class from letting this case fall into the hands of Ms. Jane. Oh well, I am really proud of myself! =D

Now I am playing Wheel of Fortune with Esther. Aiyo, so damn hard, man! I really liked that show since young, but then, now I have showed some feelings of hatred towards this game because Esther is winning me, but I hope not! Nothing interesting happened today, but maybe I will accidentally dropped my book somewhere in Brunei, for Bookcrossings reasons. Maybe you should go visit that site, it is kind of interesting, especially book-lovers!

That's all for today. TTYL!

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