05 June 2004


Hello! Its me again...Boo! =P Hehehehe...now I'm doing nothing, just fiddling around. I can't play Game boy, because my mother took it away. She thinks that I play too much and ignoring my studies. I hate to admit it, but that part is 'actually TRUE!' But, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO PLAY IT! ITS NOT FAIR! THE EXAMS HAD JUST FINISHED, AND NOW MIST STUDY AGAIN. WHAT THE H3LL?!

After 'negotiating' with my Mom, she finally let me play! Horray! But only on Friday to Sunday afternoons. For the rest of the week, study, study, study! (Or play computer games;) )Boring, but its either I take it or leave it. Oh well, at least I can get to play, its better than not at all! Anyways, I have to update my Reading record; had just finished my Pokemon Ruby game, I am only training up a new team, waiting for 2 days to get a discount from the Energy Guru, and I need to play Neopets. I wonder what had happened to my Neopet...

I had just received wonderful news from Jim and Jia Wei. Jessica beat Adrienne in Scrabble! You heard me?! She beated him! MUA-HAHAHAHAHAHHA...And Jia Wei beated Anand. I'm so happy for him. Now Jia Wei is going against Jessica in the semi-finals, he should be finished by now. I hope he wins. GO, JIA WEI!!!

Jason S. said that Jia Wei could not beat her, because Jessica killed Adrienne by 7 points! (BTW, he is one of the best players.) But I have faith in Jia Wei; Jessica's just lucky. Anyway, jokingly, I told Jason that he likes her, since he supports her instead of Jia Wei. And you know what he had said? Well, I'm not telling! =P

Commerce project is coming up, and I had posted details about it in the F2Y Blog. Sigh, Mrs. Samuel says that the people that I had put into my group is too 'smart'. Humph! No fair! She says that she is going to kick out some 'smarty-pants'. I hope I won't team up with people who $uck$ in this.

Whoops, I wrote too much. Ehehheehe...see you all later! Take care!

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