12 July 2004


Hi! It's been some time since I last wrote here. First things first. Okay, this blog is getting a little bit "spacey", featuring Jirachi in Saturn! Horray! Jirachi is not really that sharp in the blog, but then, it'll have to do. I did a little bit of retouch to this website, but I do hope that it is a little bit navigational. the site's name is changed from 'mystiblaze@blogspot' to 'I'm Lovin' It! mystiblaze.blogspot.com'. It sounds a bit uhh... I guess you all know what I mean.

Oh, man! I can't believe the Assessment Test is about to begin soon, approximately in 5 -6 weeks' time. even though it seems like a long period of time, but time runs fast!

Wednesday is havoc! I mean like, my mood is ruined by Chua. He keeps making excuses that he did his clean-up duty, which in fact, he didn't. He pissed me off so greatly. So, in the end, Jia Jia wrote a letter to Mrs. Shafee regarding the matter. About Calvin, I don't know. At least he did his very first duty on Saturday. I deal with him sooner or later, I hope I won't forget. But then, I don't feel like scolding anyone.

Then comes Thursday, then friday. So I went for Piano classes on Friday, had Aural; it's kind of easy. Teacher even praised my sense of hearing. You know the part where you had to listen to the music and sing it out again? Yep, that's the part. I ace in it, I think. LOL

Saturday came and went. Wow, what a great day! We had Litfest (Literature Festival) in school. The debate was interesting, and my mind kept shifting from the preposition to the opposition and vice versa. The other featurettes were also quite interesting, and funny. Really funny. I laughed until I ran out of breath. The people around me think that I'm sufferring form some mental disability. They had put on a good show, except for the speech. LOL

Sunday was the day I had my very first swimming lesson. I was all tense and nervous, but then it was fun. The instructors were nice, friendly and had a sense of humour. I ;earnt how to breathe out bubbles, find my feet etc. I can't wait for my next lesson, so nice! =)

Wow, I wrote quite a lot for today. hope you guys are happy and satisfied my this post and the new look of my website. Well, enjoy your day, guys! More to come...

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