01 September 2004
Funny Incident On Road

Oh well! I'm actually quite relieved now, since all of the test papers had been given back, except for RK. I'm satisfied with my marks, even though for some subjects I don't actually deserve it. Hehe...

Okay, I'm not going to write much about how well I had done in my test. I wanted to share with you al about something funny that happened in the roads of Brunei. There was this red car which was driving in the left lane. Well, nothing unusual over there, just an ordinary red car. Since our lane was clear, my driver overtook this red car. ZOOOMMM!!! And something extraordinary happened. The driver of the red car was a lady who was wearing a baju kurung. Maybe because she was in a rush, I guess she must have closed the car door before part of her skirt actually went into the car. So this piece of "cloth" was stuck outside while she and the rest of her clothings were inside the car! So it went flapping against the wind. It was green in colour. It was so funny and stupid that my brother and me laughed like a pack of hyenas. HAHAHHAHA!!! And she didn't even know! God knows how many people had witnessed it. Maybe she ought to be more careful next time.

You know what, I don't think I should have said it out. Later it will happen to me. Ugh~ But too bad I don't have a skirt, so who cares!

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