25 September 2004
Happy Teachers' Day...NOT!

Teachers' Day, the only day when students are extra nice to teachers, and students showing their appreciation to their teachers. Hah! I can tell you all, it's all bullshit! It's just only that day, and after that day, I can tell you that the students will suddenly forget who they are. Deep in heart, they are all like..."As if I even care about you."

The day when on fine, so the whole school is holding class parties. Yes, parties are "meant" to be fun, but not on our class, Form 2Y. Let me tell you this horrible story with a horrible feeling. So, the time was like before 8 a.m. Because the counsellors told us that we can start the party, so I had asked everyone to eat a bit first. So, these stupid Malay guys took about half the box of chicken pies, and the others took about the other half, and left none for the teachers! Sheesh, such greedy people in this world. But that was just the beginning.

Our first teacher of the day was Mrs. Shafee, our class teacher, and she was proud to say that we were the first to start the party. Okay. Everything went smoothly. At about ten past eight, since Mrs. Shafee was the only teacher in the class, I went out and invited some of the teachers into our classroom. At that time they were in the Staff Room. So they accepted my invitation and I happily skipped back to the class.

The second teacher of the day was Cikgu Abdul Latif. Yay! We greeted him, presented him with food and serve him. After that he went out to another class. Mrs. Shafee came back and went out again. Because there weren't any teachers in the class, I went out and call them again. But the Staff Room was quite empty. So I went back. I stood outside of the class, waiting for the invited teachers to go in. And you know what?! Two teachers whom I had invited came up! Horray! But, BUT, they went in to Form 2B! HUH?! I was like, "What the hell?!" They all not "malu" kah? Inviting themselves to 2B before coming into our class. I was even there again!

In the end, they did come into our class, but I was upset. I invited them to our class first, yet they went in to 2B?! Do they prefer 2B than us? Another teacher was very good, she went into our class and before we knew, she went out! Grr...And the teachers that we expected to come never showed up! Huh?!

Our class was blacklisted, as you all know. Our class's name was mentioned in the assembly twice last time for causing disiplinary problems and cleanliness problem. Is it that bad until teachers don't really care about us anymore? I don't know. This morning was very bad, only about 10 teachers entered our class. For the others, the average was 20 teachers. And the usual naughty Malay guys, plus a couple of mischievious Chinese guys, caused havoc in the class.

The Principal and Cikgu Chong did came in, but not Miss Jane. She just walked past our class!!! Sigh~

I really don't know, are the teachers ignoring us, or just forgot to come to our class? Or maybe they made our class the last stop but time was up? I really don't know, but I was very angry, and upset! And one teacher mentioned that our class is so "plain"! So what?! Do they judge a book by its cover? I think so...Maybe that was the reason that kept them away from our class...

If they treat us like this, then, I guess it cannot be helped but to treat them the same. Have a miserable Teachers' Day, and I really hope that you teachers please, please, give us another chance. Would that be possible?

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