28 September 2004
Me Turning 41..I mean 14 =P

Just wanting to say to a few things to you people:

What happened on my birthday? Well, nothing happened, but I forgot to bring my Ledger Book, the Blue Card and the battery for Jason Lew! Man, I thought I was so going to die during Commerce period (even though it just needs me to stand in a corner!). The first two periods was...err...should I say...scary?! everyone stood outside the class except the smart arse Jia Jia who managed to answer every questions given by Mrs. Simmonds. So, we got some sort of a lecture.

At least the rest of the day was fine. I was lucky that Mrs. Jane didn't asked me for my ledger book, saying that those who had finished only can pass up. Close call! And I called Jason a piggy! so he got angry and took my pencil box away. I got angry and wanted to choke him and managed to get back my pencil box, with him sulking away. Sorry!

Later at night, me and my family went out to Hua Hua Restaurant to celebrate my birthday. The food was okay, I guess. Then while I was eating, my elder brother and his girlfriend called me, wanting to, you guess it, wish me a happy birthday!

Sorry, if I bore you guys with my "birthday story". LOL! For today, well, stayed back with Angel. Happy Birthday to you once again! RTB wanted to interview us about how we feel about the INFORAMA competition which is coming soon. Well, they told us to "fake out so many things". Wow! You guys should have been there. Oh, by the way, don't turn on the TV!!! LOL =P

I guess that is all. I don't really have the time to type so much. End-of-Year Exams are coming in about 2 weeks time, are you guys ready? I'm not! =( So, I got to cram all the facts into my head tonight. Hehehe...See you guys soon!

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