09 September 2004
Soaked Wet!

Help! I'm one of those 3000 people that were drenched in the rain. What happened?! Okay, will tell you this story. So this morning I woke up early, and I went to school. The sun was still shining so brightly. So off I went into the hall, waiting for instructions to be given. It was 8.30 a.m., and we had breakfast. Moments later, Miss Jane went up on stage and announced that the ceremony will start at 11.00 a.m. and will end at 1.00 p.m. Talk about a long delay! So, at about 9.10 a.m., we set off to the RIPAS graveyard. Gasp! Fortunately, we don't really stand exactly on it, but hundreds of meters away from it.

So we waited for the Royal Couple to pass by us. While waiting for time to pass, we played UNO!!! It was the longest game of UNO I had ever played, it took about 45 minutes of our time. And that's good! After that, I played a game of chess with Jia Wei, but I lost to him =(. Oh well. Finally, 11.00 a.m.! But still no sign of the Royal Couple. So my friends and I sat by the roadside. And finally, some cars were on their way to us. Too bad the Royal Couple weren't inside, just some V.I.P.s. Anyways, so we waited for them patiently(not!). At that time, it was cloudy. Thank goodness! We were almost being fried! And suddenly, drops of rain fell from the sky. There was a drizzle. It wasn't so bad. I opened up Steven's umbrella and we shared it. And it happened thrice. After a very very long delay(about 1 hour and 15 minutes later), finally they came! Wow, they dressed up so neatly, and they were like smiling and waving hands. Shouts of "Allah Selamatkan Pengantin Diraja" can be heard. By that time, it was raining heavily and everyone got wet. As they passed by us, the rain got heavier and heavier and rolls of thunder can be heard. Most of the girls screamed. LOL. But it was really scary. What if lightning struck all of us. Fortunately, it never did.

I rushed to get Steven's umbrella, and hastily opened it up, and accidentally cut Steven's hand(Sorry!). Seconds after that, guess what happened? His Majesty the Sultan and Her Royal Highness passed by us! Eeeekkk!! And I tossed the umbrella back and forth. I mean like, its really disrespectful to open umbrellas in front of His Majesty. Ugh~ Sorry! Its raining very heavily. Strong wind blew and thunder rolled. The rain got heavier and heavier. Everyone frantically ran to seek shelter from the rain and it was getting chilly. I quickly took out my raincoat and wore it. Thanks Mom! Just then, Chua came and asked for Steven's umbrella as he was trying to protect his video camera, I think, from the rain. Huh?! Anyways, I just gave it to him and I ran for my dear life to seek for shelter and went into a small one, crowded with teachers. Then I moved to the arch near the Court. I found my friends soaking wet. Since many people had begun to run back to school we followed them. As we crossed the bridge to reach the other side, we found that it was cramped with other school students, and there was no way for us to squeeze through. So we ran back and used the other lane of the bridge.

After running for about a kilometre, we finally reached school safely. horray! My Dad was there, waiting to give me a ride back home. And that was all that had happened. There is another part of this story, but I'm too lazy to type it out, and I guess you guys too, have difficulty reading lines and lines of text. So I guess that is all, take care and don't play in the rain!

P.S. The clinics in Brunei could probably be earning a lot of money. Why? You figure it out yourself ;)

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