06 September 2004
Stuck at Home

I really relly thanked y Mom for letting me to use her laptop for the whole day! Now I can finally "temporarily" come online. Okay, let ne tell you a story of how I coudn't make it online. Once upon a time, which was a few days ago, there was a freak storm that occured in Muara. Suddenly, there ws this big and long thunderbolt that streked across the dark night sky. All of a sudden, there was a blackout. I was so scared I called ny Dad very loudly for help!!! But instead, my maid came in and handed me a torchlight. Oh well! A couple of minutes later, my Dad, the hero, retored the electric supply to our house. Horray! But something smeels which came from my brother's room. So I went to explore, and one of the fluorescent lamp in his room was errr....fused, I think. So that particulr lamp cannt work anymore, and worse still, it's emitting soe sort of a smell. Poor him! I wonder how he managed to sleep that night.

That wasn't the only thing which was spoilt. The cordless telephone, my moden, the autoated gate are just a couple of things that were spoilt. sigh, and why must it happen during the holidays?! It's so so so unfair. -.- So now, here am I, writing out this post using my Mom's laptop, and waiting for the technician to come and repair. Sigh~

Life is sometimes so unfair, don't you think? I guess this is all I have to write, I got to do so many other things that I planned to do in the Internet today. I see you all later (hopefully). So long!

P.S. Don't mind some spelling mistakes here. The laptop's keyboard is so...different

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