16 November 2004
Hello from Perth!

I wish to apologize to you guys that I had not posted anything yet since last week, but I was so engrossed into a new game that I had bought until I just cannot seem to find the time to go online. I am very very sure you guys know what game that is. Hey, it's nice okay? And by the way, that game is not sad!!! LOL. Haha...Now in Perth, Australia, typing out this post. Whee! Been here for already a week. Ya-hoo!!! I had a great time here(not because of the game). Haha...

For the last week, mainly my family and I went shopping and sightsee. On Saturday was the most boring day of all. My two brothers and Luisa Jie Jie go watch a Subaru race, then my parents go Burswood, a five-star hotel with casino! So I was left alone in the house, doing absolutely nothing except play, play and play! Haha...Well I finally finished the "whole" of the game, with a few unfinished business, but who cares?!

By the way, to people of F2Y, how was your OGDC trip? Wahhh!! Miss you guys so much lor...=P I don't think I have anything else to say here. Just keeping this short and simple. And to Michael, is this proof that our site is still running and not "mati-ed"?

Okay, I will be seeing you guys soon. I will promise to post more often, to prevent the death of this site. Haha...see you later!

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