04 November 2004
Just Want To Say...

...a few stuffs. Today in school nothing much happened. Yea, it is the After-Exams Session, and people are busy playing games! Okay, so today, I went to school later than usual, 7.00 am (which isn't late). Then I played Speed with Jason Sim, oh my goodness, he is so fast! Lightning Speed! I was so blur I didn't even know what was going on until too late. I feel so "bo song" that I lost to him! I also played with Steven...Still lost to him! Gahh! Being a "super-kiasu" guy, I quit playing Speed for the rest of the day.

The day went by fast and okay. Played a couple of Chess games. Lost against Steven, as always, but I beat Kae Kwang! Yay! "LOL" Haha...Later in the day, I played Bluff with some friends. I forgot how to played that game already, but heck, after seeing them play, I finally remembered, and bluff our way out! I suck at lying and bluffing. "LOL" Sigh~ still at the very last game of Bluff at the end of the day, I managed to bluff my way out. And Victor thought I was bluffing. So he revealed the cards, and "Oh!" Its a double 9, like what I had said. Haha...

At least I didn't just sat there and do absolutely nothing at all. Had lots of fun, even though I kept losing! I guess that is all for today. Well, I really am enthusiastic about learning Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0, since I have the book and the program, but the tryout version had already expired. I tried to buy online at Amazon.com, but it seems like they could not ship the program to Brunei. Oh well, so much for the book that I had bought online!!

Don't feel like typing anymore. A few minutes ago, some bloody fools ruined my mood.

Take care and God bless.

P.S. Hey, look! The counter shows 777 ! Wouldn't it be great if you got that sort of number in a casino ;)

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