20 December 2004
70 Cents Make The Difference

Dear Kind Lady in Dymocks(Garden City Branch in Perth) who gave me 70 cents,
Hi! I don't really know how to thank you, but I am really really grateful that you saved me from embarrassment and trouble yesterday by helping me to fully make my payment of books(which I am short of 70 cents >.<). Thank you so uch, may God bless you and your family, take care and Merry Christmas.

Erm, hi guys! I know you all must be surprised that I am in Perth now! (Oh no, again!! =P) Hehehe, I didn't really want to tell people about it because...you know ;). Anyways, let me tell all of you about this. Christmas Shopping can be a REAL DRAG! Okay, let me tell you what actually happened yesterday.

We were supposed to call for a taxi, but I got the number wrong. It is supposed to be 13 13 30, but I told my Dad to call 13 30 30 instead, which leads us to a phone banking service. >.< So we went out to look for taxi, walked to a nearby hotel, and fortunately, this Samaritan decided to walk instead and let us ride the taxi. Thank you ^.^

The taxi brought us to Garden City Shopping Centre. My Dad gave me and my brother a sum of money, which I guess is enough to buy Christmas presents for my family. Now, the problem is that I don't really seem to get enough privacy when buying stuffs. =S My maid and my brother seem to follow me around whenever I try to buy. Oh well. The least is that they won't know which is for them =).

I then decided to go to Dymocks to buy something for a certain someone in my family. So I had about 20+ 1 dollar coins with me. And guess what? I had 70 cents short to buy the items. I panicked, not knowing what to do. I then asked the Cashier to excuse me for a while so that I can get the money. Fortunately, this kind lady who is in line before me helped me pay up the remaining 70 cents. I thanked her gratefully and hurriedly left the shop to avoid any embarrassment.After a half-day of shopping, we finally went back home. Too tired to gift-wrap the gifts, I just leave them until today. Hehe =P

Oh, by the way, have you guys heard about the murder case in Brunei? I wasn't aware of it until yesterday when my brother's girlfriend told me about it. Here is an extract of the story(Borneo Bulletin Weekend, last Saturday) :

"In what could be described as one of the most gruesome crimes in recent times in this country, a couple and their four year old daughter were found brutally killed in their home in Kg Serusop."

The full story can be found here. Why must this happen in Muara? Even though my house is a few kilometres away from the scene, but still, its pretty scary to know that. The world nowadays isn't safe anymore =(.

I just end the post here. I hope you guys have a great Christmas. I see you guys soon when school reopens. Bye!

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