29 December 2004
After-Christmas, Before 2005

What I mostly did after Boxing Day is shop, shop, shop, shop till I drop, drop, drop, drop! Can you believe the price? It's insane, I tell you! They slashed down the price like I don't know how to say. 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% discount, maybe a whooping 60% discount! (Whoa!)

So why not take advantage of that? So my family and I shop and shop for 2 whole days! I managed to buy things that I want, and also some other neat things. So many people shopped in the giant shopping centre, I believe it totals up to half the people in Brunei.

Just now, my brothers and my elder brother's girlfriend went out cycling. Hehe, then we lost our way. So we retraced our steps and returned back the bicycles that we rented =). It was nice, although the ride was a bit too fast. I don't really get to enjoy the scenery(since I zoomed about without noticing the surroundings), but the air was refreshing;)

Okay, I will stop here. Not a very description, but a wonderful boring summary of what I did in the last few days. I will be going back to Brunei tomorrow. Sigh~ Holidays are boring, yet time flies by very fast. Oh well, I guess I got to get ready for school in a couple of days. I hope that you guys enjoyed your last holidays. Till then, take care and don't forget to make your New Year's Resolution ;)

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