03 December 2004
Just Blogging

Dear Jason Lew told me to do so, so here am I blogging! I was planning to blog today anyway. Nothing new had happened so far since the last post, though(which was like a week ago?!). I had only realized today that Christmas is just around the corner when Soon Lee played some Seasonal songs. Ugh~

Christmas. The time of giving and receiving gifts. That's what its mainly all about, I guess. And that means I need to do some Christmas shopping to buy some gifts for my family, but not to you guys =P. I really cannot afford to buy so much, haha... I won't actually shop for gifts in Brunei though, the goods are are mostly...err...can you say cheap? LOL

Oh, by the way, I won't bother changing the site's layout, because I am really "busy" doing some..eerrr...playing?! Haha...Don't worry, I will do so next year =P.

This is a message to all St. Andrew's people:
"Hey guys, you all buy your school books already. Because bookshops nationwide are going to run out of stocks soon! And hey, I was the lucky one to get the last copy of Maths 3A Textbook ^.^"

That's all, folks. Tune in next time for more updates!

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