31 December 2004
Last Sunset of the Year 2004

Okay, I had just came back yesterday from Perth. Hehe...I rode the new Boeing aeroplane, the one with the personal TV ;). Fortunately, my TV worked. So I watched Shark Tale and The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement. Not bad, not bad. Some parts are funny though =). Let me now write a comment on this year.

Year 2004, an OK year for me, has come to a close. With only a few hours remaining, people all around the world are ready to enter to the year 2005. What happens is that the Earth has once again completed its full orbit around the Sun. Congratulations! Lol...

Now it's the perfect time to write down my New Year's Resolution. Umm...resolutions. Easy to make, easy to break. I am serious! People make promises to themselves that they will ___(insert resolution), but they never stick to it. Its hard. But it is still fun to make some, but if you do accomplish it, the feeling is great, isn't it?

Now I will list down a couple of New Year's Resolution that I hope it will happen:

Now I will list those items that I hope I could get next year. Call it a WishList.

Yea, that's it for this year I guess. I wish you guys a very Happy New Year 2005, may all your resolutions come true, and as always, please take care of yourselves, and God bless everyone ^.^ This will be the last post of the year 2004.

Be gone, 2004! Hello, 2005! Happy New Year Everyone! Cheers ^.^

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