13 February 2005
Happy Chinese New Year!

Hmm...it's that time again. Its one of those times that I can touch the sky! Why do I say that?!

Ang Paos Keep Flooding In!!!

Whoo! It's so cool! I had managed to collect hundreds and thousands of dollars =D. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Well, it's a lot less than that, but it's still a lot. I'm not telling =P. Hehe...This year, Chinese all over the world are celebrating the Lunar/Chinese New Year, with this year the Year of the Rooster, Cock, Chicken, Hen or watever you call it. They're the same birds who don't fly well. And they're pretty delicious too ;).

What was I supposed to say again? Oh yeah. I went to Miri on the eve of the New Year. Did some of my homework there(I'm so rajin leh =P), then go shopping!!! Yay!! Waahhh!!! So damn cheap man!!! The prices...unbelievable! And the food! Especially Kolo Mee =D. So nice.

That's what I basically do. It's almost similar as a pig's life. Eat, sleep and play. I would like to include shopping too. Hai~ My feet are aching! Not it's not. At least I am healthy and fit. Hmm...also swam at the suites' swimming pool. Nice. But got tired so easily from doing the front crawl. It's less than 25 m long I think...or is it 25 m long? Don't really care anyway. The important thing is that I had fun! Woo-hoo!

While in Miri, and the strike of 12 midnight, I was woken up by the sound of firecrackers. One word: Splendid! It was a very beautiful show! Sigh~ I wish Brunei can also hold these kinds of marvelous firworks display. No offense. It's better than the July 15 fireworks, and the N-day fireworks. It's not that I got anything against that, I feel that it can be made much more better. And also, when my family are about to go back to Brunei, we witnessed a complete Lion Dance. Very cool! It's unlike any Lion Dance I see.

I guess I have nothing else to write. And Febby's going to end soon, there's only 28 days. And that means for workers, they're going to get their hands on the salary. Mom probably cannot wait. We're already on a tight budget crisis, after spending much on Miri's shopping, and after the give-away of ang paos to the people she knows. Lol...

Bye people! Wish everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.

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