14 February 2005
Here I Am Again...

...typing out this...umm...thing =). So, in school, I received a shocking news! 1st Assessment Test starts on 1 March 2005! Ahhhh!!! Run for your life! Okay, sorry! Well, I know that it will be held on the 1st week of March, but I didn't expect it to start on the first day of the month =(. Booo!!! Sigh~ I haven't started studying although I know that I'm going to face some stiff competition. I have to cram, cram and cram facts and figures(data).

I lack of energy now after Chinese New Year, too busy counting my ang pao money =P. Nah, just kidding =P. Well, I "did" count ONCE, but I don't count again and again, I have a life you know =). Studies!!! Ahh~ Need to hire cheerleaders to cheer me on and support me! Yay =P!!!

I better talk about something else besides academic. Hmm...let's see. Oh right! MSN Messenger is STUPID!!! Microsoft forces me to download the new version! They're so smart, they annoy me! Grr... Now I can't chat, I MUST download the new version, and I don't think there are any changes, except for the change in version number of course ;). I want to chat! But the stupid programmers programmed the software such that if there are any updates, they will force people like me to update! SKVNSDOVNSNCKADQAJD!!

Eeee!! No use talking about it right now. I guess I have to wait until it finishes downloading the new version into my PC. Oh man!! Look at the time! I can't play SimCity 4 now =(. Oh well...

Alright that's that I guess. Oh yeah, have a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, don't forget to give a love-shaped box of chocolates to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you can't afford it, buy flowers instead. If you are MEGA-RICH after collecting so many ang paos, I suggest you buy him/her Mercedes-Benz =P.

Bah, I'm going now. Ta-ta!

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