07 September 2005

Opps! I "accidentally" deleted the last post. I didn't have a copy of it, so I'm sorry I am unable to post it to this site again. Well, I find it very unpleasant to have such an angry post in the site, and...umm...well, I couldn't find a better way to throw my tantrum except to type it all into words la...

Today is well, okay. But I started my day off by pressing people to pay for the Teacher's Day Fund thingy for the counsellors. I just hate doing that. And no one knows what they will do with the money. Hmmm...

We had a lot of free periods nowadays, because there isn't much to do or everyone is too excited on the upcoming holidays. There wasn't much to do, except doing my Maths Revision Book. This is because Mrs Lily Tan says that I didn't practice enough (which is true).

Then after school, I rushed home and went for piano class. At first, it was okay! Then teacher told me to practice sight readings, which I dispised a lot. And I overheard that the examiner is a professional pianist player. OH NO!! I seriously am not going to do well la...

Even playing in front of other people makes me go SERIOUSLY panicky. I play many mistakes that never occurred in my whole practice before. And I nearly cried la when I played in front of another teacher. Received some bad comments too =(. Plus, 1 week left before my exams...I really need to have piano drills.

So here I am, typing out this thing. Hmmm....I got to go now, that's it for today and sayonara!

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