01 September 2005
It's been a Loooong Time

My "sincere" apologies to all for not updating the blog and not tagging. I was too busy doing stuffs that are more important like studying for Mocks. and playing games =P. Actually, I studied at the last minute, and I was lucky that I studied the stuffs that came up in the Mocks.

I'm lucky as well to get satisfactory marks for my Mocks as well. I wonder how long the luck lasts. Anyway, I got all of my papers back, and I was happy with the results =).

So far, I have been spending most of my time playing computer games. Hai~ I really have no life la =(. But whatever. I don't know what else to write now as I forgot too many events that happened in the past 2 months.

By the way, isn't it great to start September with a public holiday??!!! =D

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