25 January 2006
Breaking the Ice...

25 days after the New Year, 1 month after Christmas Day. Boy, time sure does fly by fast. I'm now in Form 4, elected as councillor, and becoming blurrer than ever. I don't know why, but hopefully, things will improve for me at least a bit after Chinese New Year. Maybe I can comprehend better when I get to feel physical Brunei dollars from my ang pao =D.

I'm not going to elaborate what had happened in Australia during December. A lot of things had happened there, and I started to view things a little bit differently. Anyway, being in a Pure Science class is quite tough, because of a couple of geniuses, making the competition stiff. Plus, most of the subjects are the Sciences and Maths, and they are going to so bring me down.

Let's see. My weak subjects are the Maths (especially Add. Maths!) and Physics. I always have to ask the teacher what is happening, and, I don't really think they like to answer my doubts all the time. It's so scary, and everything's going on fast. It's already quite slow actually, but my brain cannot capture so much at one time, and I go =S.

Well, for the Mathematics, I think I need some practice so that I won't lag behind in classes, and maybe, improving my performance in Maths, especially Add Maths! Gahh~ Double period again! Luckily, Ms. Ong's teaching us, so its cool actually. I actually started to like the subject a bit, especially solving the tough problems and getting the right answers! (So not me.) It's a very rewarding feeling if you can actually do all by yourself. But, I still need some "hints" XP. Hahaha...

Well, I got to go now, I still have a couple of stuffs to settle and such-and-such. I better get going. See ya!

P.S. Won't be blogging so often nowadays. I just don't know what to blog, and nothing ever happens anyway. If there was, I am lazy to write everything down. Reason for this post is merely telling everyone that the site IS NOT dead yet. (It nearly is.)

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