07 March 2006
BGIC IV (Continuation)

Day 3
General Assembly was held. The ceromony began with some orangutan presentation. It was okay. Then the real thing began. 6 resolutions (I think) were discussed that whole day. It was quite interesting. I managed to give an against speech, but it was really terrible. I did better during the committee meeting leh. So damn nervous. I can feel that my whole body is trembling. And the POIs. My gawd, that was really bad, and I think I gave really lame answers -.-.

I spent mostly sitting down in the Costa Rican delegates table, trying to write down POIs and against speech so that I can recite it, but to no avail. There's "too little time" and POIs are restricted to a certain amount. Oh well. All but one resolution are interesting and pretty cool. Except for the nuke program in Iran. I don't really understand what is the fuss about it. And I don't really know what is going on. Cheryl did gave a good against speech about it though. She said something about "nuclear toys"! Hahaha, so funny!

Anyway, the major highlights of the whole thing are the rights to statement. So many so dirty! Like...Cuban "cigars" in comparison to the Americans, different "Brazilian nuts" available. And someone even mentioned about eating chocolates can cause an "orgasm" or something. MY GOODNESS!!!!! Then there's another about LEGO's and Barbie dolls, saying the dolls are racist and sexist! Hahahhahha!!! Although she don't mean it, it was pretty funny too!

The day ended with a farewell dinner at RBRC. The food was great, but it wasn't very interesting. There were also talks about giving honourable and disrespectful titles to certain delegates though. Haha. The dinner wasn't very exciting though. Spent most of my time wandering around and trying to strike up conversations with the SAS people. The last couple minutes were sad though. I had to say goodbye to some of the really nice BGIC friends that I made. The sadness that I feel, its undescribable, it's like trying to carry a heavy heart. Is this how it feels when I leave SAS? =(

Thus, ends BGIC IV, a memorable and definitely good experience I have gone through.


Back to today, 7 March 2006. Sat for tests. Biology got 58.5. I could have gotten 61.5 if it wasn't for the statement-type question that I missed. So sayang =(...I even know the answers. That question was bloody easy! And Nathaniel got 71.5! Wahhh!My goodness. A Maths was terrible la. Cry also cannot. Marah also cannot. Hai~~~ I hope I don't FAILLL.

Now, I have to study Physics and Computer. I guess I need to place emphasis on Physics, everyone said that they could not finish on time. Oh well. Lots of luck to me. I probably post more after the tests. Bye!

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