02 March 2006

As you all know, I am one of the participants in this year's BGIC IV, which is held on 1-3 March. I had a lot of fun, and I feel that tomorrow, it will be an even more exciting day. I am a delegate representing Costa Rica in the environment committee.

Day 1
Lobbying was carried out in ISB yesterday. I showed some of the environment committee members my resolution on the burning of Kalimantan's rainforests. It was rather hard at first, I was really scared and nervous because I dont' know them and they don't know me. Everything's so...hard, at first. I have to thank Angelyn and Diana who helped to reassure me that everything's going to be fine =D. And I was pleasantly surprised that I received a lot of support from them =D. I made a couple of contacts as well. At the end of the day, I handed over my resolution to the vetting committee, and I passed! Yay me! After that, we had some dinner. I couldn't eat much, as I have to go for a farewell dinner for my brother =(.

Day 2

The day started with an opening ceremony at ICC. It was really nice, and I like the talk and presentation given by a marine biologist. It was about the importance of coral reefs and marine life. Some of the movie clips were funny (like the music and the effects), but one shocked me the most. They actually show someone slaughtering a turtle! Its so "er sing". The man was cutting the shell and "peeled" it off the turtle's back. Its so cruel and inhumane, I can actually see the bloody flesh of the turtle! Illl... And there was one part where they showed shark fins in cans, LOL! It also shows how the fins of the shark were chopped off from them! Humans kill shark for the fins, YET I learnt that shark fins has no nutritional value, is made up of the same materials as our hair and nails, and shark fin soup is actually chicken soup with shark fins put on it as texture! My goodness, I can't believe that man. All those years of drinking the soup, I was cheated =(.

After that, we went to our respective committee rooms. Everyone settled into their seats and the roll call begins. It is then followed by opening speeches of everyone. Damn, I was so nervous man, I was actually aware that my arms and my legs are shaking violently =S. Then came to the recital and discussion of resolutions, beginning with mine!

I was so freaked out, I think my face turned pale. Anyway, I cautiously walked to the podium, and greeted everyone, and started giving my speech to persuade people to support my resolution. When I have finished giving the speech, imagine the SHOCK of my life when a lot of people raised their placards, requesting for points of information. I was like ummming and ahhhhing around. =S. Fortunately, there was a limit due to "interest of time". Lol. I remember a guy who kept requesting for POIs and follow-ups. I was so annoyed with him, but I have no choice but to answer him "somehow". So I went back and sat down, breathing a huge sigh of relief.

After that, came the supportive and against speeches by other delegates, like Angelyn, Diana, delegate of Argentina and a few others that I can't recall. Unfortunately, majority voted against my resolution, and I was feeling kind of sad. But nevertheless, it is my first time and I am surprised that my resolution alone can be discussed for quite a long time ^.^. Yay! Maybe I can do better the next time =).

Following that, we had a break and returned back to discuss another resolution, from a guy that likes to POI. So, I decided to take revenge and started coming up with an against speech. Yes, I know I'm being mean and unfair, but I can't help it hehe. But his resolution passed anyway, congratulations =D! I believe that he and other co-submitters had done a really great job on writing his resolution and that they deserve it.

The debate took on a funnier side as time goes by. I can see that the situation is a bit relaxed after the third resolution. It was really funny when it came to the fourth resolution, the only one that was talking about typhoons, hurricanes and tropical storms. It was very funny as more and more people kept adding themselves to the co-sponsors list. It was obvious that the resolution has already passed, but for the sake of "debating", a for speaker came up and gave supportive points to the resolution. Anyway, it was pretty cool. I didn't pay much attention as there was nothing much to be POI-ed about anyway =P.

After that comes the fifth resolution, and thus ends our committee meeting. Results: 3/5 of the resolutions passed. Congratulations to everyone! Then there were also rights to statements in between discussions, where anyone can give any information related to their country. It was hilarious! Hahaha...I remembered someone had mentioned that we should use pens and not pencils or erasers as it is very wasteful of forest products. So stupid man hahaha!

And thus ends the second day of BGIC IV. The final day is tomorrow at ICC as well, and this time, every delegates will convene at the General Assembly. Where all resolutions come together and everyone can...ummm...POI?! Lol! Tomorrow promises to be enlightening, entertaining and full of promises!

Now will you excuse me, I have to study for piano theory exam O.O! >.<

P.S. Thanks Esther for helping to unblur me =D

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