26 March 2006
Emotionally disturbed

Shim says: "Lots of sarcasm along the way. Content unappropriate to minors who can't tell the difference between sarcastic and realistic comments."

! Starts here !

Of course everyone feels that, especially when there's school tomorrow. Oh joy! I can barely contain my "excitement". Wheee! See how "excited" I am? I can't resist being enthusiastic about it. (>.>)

Yea, I have to follow the normal routine again. No more sleeping at 11 p.m. after playing the Movies. Homework...check check done. Wake up early at 5.55 a.m. and groan and moan for 10 minutes before waking up. Then, I'll drag myself to the bathroom and do the magic. After that, head down the stairs and eat a crummy but presentable breakfast. So "delicious" man!

Then it's time for me to head to school. My mom drops me off the highway, and I dash across it to St. Andrew's School. It's better than riding a roller coaster ride, I tell you. It's more exhilirating! Of course, after climbing countless flight of stairs, I finally reach THE CLASS, my eye somehows exaggerates the words F4S2. As I enter the class feeling very weary and before I get the chance to slump down at my seat, here's the common scenario. I call it "Post Holidays and Pre-7.15 a.m. Situation"

Date: Monday, 27 March 2006 (Yes, I have psychic powers and I can see ahead of the future)
Time: Roughly about 6.55 a.m. to 7.00 a.m.

Entah siapa: "Shim! Lend me your Physics homework!"

And suddenly, I will have been surrounded by my frenzied entourage, who keep yelling my name as if I'm the star. I should be beaming with pride, you say. Not! I tell you, it's like as if the people suddenly go dumb and they keep running to me asking for my homework, not autograph. I really really dislike that and it can ruin my already bad hair day.

And mind you, I have to endure this for I don't know how many freaking years. And because I am such a "goodie-goodie", I couldn't say no. That's just rude, you know. Because whenever I need help, I will surely be turned down if I do so. Just because "you don't lend me your homework in the first day of second term yadda yadda yadda". Bah! Humans! That's their nature (myself not excluded, I have to say this honestly).

Hey, just leave me alone in peace okay? That's your problem if you don't do your homework. And copying is just a temporary solution, it's only going to hurt you in the long run. And stop taking advantage of me, I'm so sick of these, and besides, there are "other sources" like ahem! and ahem! who would be MORE THAN willing to help you out. Just stop depending on me as your answer source. Yea, I know it's superbly easy to copy work, but it's not easy doing it by yourself.

"You don't pay school fees just to be a photocopying machine," quoted from Miss Ong.

Okay? Got that clear? Good! (As if)

Sigh~ It seems like this is the inevitable. I am there for this very purpose. Your last-minute answer source before 7.15 a.m. Like I can do much about it. People keep throwing at me their tantrums, ultimatums, threats, bribes etc. Yea, like I'm a sponge. Soaking it all. And helping you with a favour. And I can't say no. I'm such a scadery-cat, go me! Tell me an emotional story and make me go boo-hoo-hoo and it's all yours. So sad, so sad, woe is me!

! Ends here !

So please, those who are able to go online and read this, I really hope you don't ask me to you-know-what and I know who you people are. I wasn't born yesterday to let this happen without me aware of it you know, but I'm kind of dumb too, lending you all this and getting the copee and the copier into trouble (once or twice already).

I might need to attend classes on "How to say No! : The Technique, Style and Proper Way of doing it" and probably be part of Homeworks Being Copied Anonymous Society...

The fine print: I don't make this post to upset my fellow friends. I really would like to help you guys (maybe once or twice to save your skins) by doing this taboo activity, but then, it really gets on my nerves at times as my hard work gets copied off just like that and its frowned upon by the school and the teachers (and me). Honestly, I do copy from others at times, I'm no angel too, you know ;). Just that I'm expressing my displeasure (sort of) to all.

In order words, do your homework at home, not at school. While it might be too late to say that. Because there's tons of homework given for holidays, and it will take you over the span of at least a few days to finish (in a relaxed pace).

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