16 March 2006
Holidays Already?!

Man, time flies by so fast! I can't believe the hectic weeks are already over, and the holidays are calling my name! Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Kekke, I didn't do well for 1st Assessment Test though, in fact, I think it was done quite badly la. Did not study. Hai~~ But I deserve the "sort-of-crappy-marks" la. But, I still have another try at MYE =).

What should I do during the holidays? It's going to be boring again. The next thing I know, the holidays are already over and its always at that time I formed a plan to do something. This time, I'm determined to stick a time-table made by me, for myself =P.

Play all day.
Sleep all night.

So easy to follow! Anyone can do it! Enjoy your holidays, people! =D (coz it lasts for only 10 days! Bwahahaa)

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