17 April 2006

Burnout! Fizzle... Oh man, writing a 1,500 essay would be an incredible feat for me......if I can manage to finish it. I have lots of points, but I don't know how to put them in words. No wait, I just don't know how to sort them out in an organised way so to give me an illusion that it IS NOT overwhelming for me. But the prizes are attractive though. Hmm...I ought to think about the money while doing it. If only I get...

1st prize : $700

Whoa! That's a really really big IF! Like it can happen. I can't write well if it has to be handed up on Thursday. I hate rushing my work. (Why oh why do I have to procrastinate so much?) But, hey, 1500 words la! Not easy, LOL! Oh well, might as well just entertain the judges with my boring entry. They will just skim through it and pfffttt! Bye bye!

Sigh~ Perbahasan on Thursday. Tak belum sedia lagi la. Malahan, Danson ialah musuh kita...Matilah! Star player Ervy ada di situ...Boo hoo hoo!! ='(

And I have class debate on Wednesday. On the same day, a few hours after that would be Sajak. Can anyone teach me how to mendeklamasikannya? Please? Desperately!

This is a stupid post -.-"...I should be doing my essay instead of typing this thingy out. Oh well...Back to work...

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