15 April 2006
Bukit *pant* Shah *pant* *pant* bandar

Oh man! I'm so tired after that run until I can barely move. Maybe I should stay stuck on this chair and stay "paralysed" for some time until I recover. Yes, until now I haven't recovered! This is bad, I suddenly became unfit =(...

School today was so-so. Sigh, we are going to have a class debate on Wednesday again, something about cloning should be legalised, and Jayne, Mushroom and I are on the opposition team =). With Alex as the rebuttle speaker, no hope lar! Lol...Then later after class, Nathaniel and I went to see Mr. Gray because I wanted to "give him a chance to participate in the inter-house Maths". Bleh! I have no idea how I got in, I simply cannot manipulate numbers in my head!

A couple of hours passed, and I turned up in Bt. Shahbandar. And I thought we start at 2.30 pm >.<. At first, I was kind of enthusiastic about the run, but after when I started running, I regretted turning up! Hahaha...so tired la. Or more like lack of oxygen. I was breathing heavily, you could swear a dog was chasing you! It was that bad. (But at least I overtook some people, like Kim =P) Ever since swimming lessons are cancelled and Taekwando Club sort of becoming "dysfunctional", I barely exercised. I never felt so weak in my life.

The worst thing was the challenging finale, with the hill that was uphill! Whoa, freaky! Okay, it's no surprise to me (I was running since Form 1) but seriously, it was a long and tiring journey. Bleh...I had to sit down and rest for like a couple of times. It was really discouraging. And at that time, I was kind of pening and nearly vomitted the fluids I consumed (none other than water. I drank nearly the whole Tupperware bottle before running!). I was singing with joy nearing the finish line. Gathering all my last energy reserves, I dashed towards the finish line. With pride...with glory...with strength...with power...WITH CONFIDENCE.


It was all cut short when my anaerobic muscles DIED! And I just halted like a few metres away from the finish line, looking like a sakai. My body was all shaky already, or you can say it was trembling. So I just jogged to the finish line and grabbed the card.


Oh, how I so hate myself! 33! Deprovement! I thought I made it to the Top 20s. Seems like that can and will remain a dream. So I went and sat down, and I can't relax properly. It was so sad, my face was flushing red, my body was all heaty (it was about 39 degrees? LOL!) and the worst thing was, I lacked water la! So I carried my body which was trembling furiously to the Milo truck =D...Along the way, I was a curse. I created havoc. And they have something to do with Milo! >=(
It was so gay. And you know what I said?

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

Even I admit it was lame, it's like as if that word can undo the whole thing. But I was too tired to think straight; my brain cells were fried! So I just sat down on a bench and found trees and Jun Jie's backpack (carried by Steven) very interesting. I was actually fa dai-ing, I was staring at them and looked like I was a thousand miles away from my body.

I woke up from my comatose state after quite a long time, maybe...15-20 minutes? Then, I just went down the hill to the main entrance into the car. And zoom, I went home.

The most idiotic happened when I was back at home. Mind you, my brain cells were still the fried ones, the new ones "have not come into being yet". So, being very very VERY RANDOM, I threw the Easter egg my brother painted in R.K. class to him. You know what's even sillier?

I thought the egg could bounce off! =O

Apparently, it didn't. I was shocked when I realised I broke his egg! Even shocked when uncooked rice was its isi! I panicked lar, of course! Then as a punishment, I had to get a new egg, throw out its contents and filled inside with rice. I can't believe I did something so stupid even idiots knew egg was fragile. And my brother lectured me. Ho-ho-ho! =(

Here I am, once again...writing out this thing. I see you guys soon, I want to remain stationary and do absolutely...until I recovered and do not pose further "danger".

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