04 April 2006

WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM KAN? Don't think you have the right to be so fucked off with me just because I DID NOT GIVE YOU MY NEOPETS ACCOUNT! For your freaking information, that's just downright SAD, not to mention RUDE and of course, let's add in that YOUR ARE VERY BO KA SI, get that into your head, you nincompoop! Begging from me is useless. Who you think you are leh, ha? A full-time beggar is it?

Look, these couple of days ain't doing me no good. All those itty bitty annoyances and irritants that I stumble HAS BEEN AND STILL IS BUILDING UP INSIDE OF ME. I don't need any shit from you to spoil my bad day already, THANK YOU SO MUCH! If I say I do not want to give, I MEAN WHAT I SAY! NO QUESTIONS ASKED, OKAY?

And stop adding fucks into your already barbaric language. It's too barbaric, even the meanies RECOIL IN HORROR! Oh my gosh, I'm so scared, a young naive girl gives me the creeps! HA PATOOEEY! You may be someone I know well, and you think you can take advantage of me because I'M SUCH A SWEET GUY? My ass la! I have common sense you know! Just fucking leave me alone, you ninny! I heard that you bully my brother too, and I'm NOT HAPPY WITH THAT in Runescape. How dare you! Leave him alone man, and let him have his own fun! Words just can't describe your spoilt bratty attitude.

And sad to say you're a girl. OH MY GOSH! So unlady-like!

Tomorrow will be a better day for me right? HA, I WISH! With a kind of crammy schedule I already have, when will I find time to breathe and destress myself. Probably by the end of this week, I run amok and go bonkers. WOW! The mental institution will proudly accept me into the MENTAL FAMILY!

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