30 April 2006
Like...It's Sunday?

Don't mind the title, I just don't know what to put for it. Anyway, HI! So, let's get straight to the point, yes?

Okay, so yesterday was Pairama. And "yours truly here" (please don't vomit =P) was the amcee, along with Kathleen. It was rather daunting at first, I wore a cara Melayuthere were like, so many people and the audience were rather "over-enthusiastic" about the whole thing. And to make matters worse, everything was spoilt because of some technical difficulties with the microphone. ARGH!! MEMALUKANLAH =( ! The hall went silent at first, then my ears started to turn sensitive and I can hear whispers. I don't know how, and I don't know why, we somehow managed to continue and I have to shout out loud so that everyone can hear me.


Luckily there were extra mikes around. So Mike gave me one mike ^.^. And Kat and I ditch the "once cool looking" microphone. By the way, Erik said that he thought I was wearing a beard at first =O. After that, everything took off slowly and smoothly. I was like reading the flash cards most of the time, LOL!

Overall everything was okay-okay la, but I especially liked the sketsa. Very funny and cool! I liked Sandra's role, who was playing as a guru disciplin and carrying a rotan! LOL!!! I was like laughing most of the time in stage although I've seen it once during the rehearsal.

Okay, I had enough elaborating what happened yesterday. Today, nothing much happened. Swimming was tiring and rather embarrassing. My backstroke is so sasak. My hands are all wrong! So the coach have to like improve me a bit la. Well, I did la, but still...it's bad =(. Then at the end, we finished off with a cool-down............2x 100m freestyle! What?! You call that a cool down? =O! I can't believe I just swam 100m! I was excused another set because it was getting late already, thank goodness for that! I'm so beat up now, and I want to continue study. But I can't.

Got distracted by TV, and now, I can't even hit the books. I have to search the web for computer quizzes for INFORAMA. Oh joy! And the output is...bad...*choke*

I see you guys later. In the meantime, ta-ta!

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