20 April 2006
...lived happily ever after?

A quote from fairy tales? Nah, but I'm so happy today because everything had ended beautifully, much to my surpise! These past few days have been rather hectic for me, and I finally got over with everything!
I'm so so happy! Looking at them striked out makes me feel so good, hahaha! I can believe I had accomplished so much in one week, LOL!

Today was a rather tired, but a very interesting and fun day for me. We started off early in the morning with debate, and the motion was "THBT cloning should be legalised". It was rather fun and exciting, go us! Hahaha...But the proposition made so many points of information la, aiyo, cannot answer them all la =P. Sorry! Well, our team also, but not as much.

Overall, I think the debate was good, except that maybe it's a bit messy as the POIs are quite long, and there were lots of follow-ups as well. It's quite hard to concentrate on the speeches because of that, but somehow, we all managed to. The winner of course definitely goes to the proposition team, consisting of Yong Bo, Nathaniel and Alex. Congratulations!

Good job to Jayne for being making her spontaneous rebuttle speech, and also to Mushroom for the steady POIs. =D. The debate was fun!

Then in the afternoon, I have got Perbahasan Melayu. Oh dear, another debate again! I was already tired by then. We had a short training during the last period, and I missed Maths, LOL. Cikgu Normah helped us to correct some mistakes and we discussed some ideas about what to say for celahan.

Man, the debate was really scary man. Danson is really strong! And they like mencelah until there's no tomorrow (like what Ervy did to me >=P). Surprisingly, all celahan were rejected by everyone, except for me, as I boldly accepted one, from Ervy. My given answer was like so cacat la, I actually breathed a sigh of relief as Mu'awizzah (sp?) celah me, but I rejected =P.

Rahimin was funny man! Especially at the end of his speech he gave a funny poem, and everyone was laughing! Hahaha...he also acted funny in his speech. Well, he did a good job of easing the tension situation. ;)

Well, Danson won, of course! And they certainly deserve it =D (What am I saying? XP) Hahaha...well, being second place doesn't sound so bad la ;).

Bah, I stop here. I'm too tired to go on, my brain isn't functioning well. (You can tell from the way I write, like 没有用心 like that. I see you guys later, tata!

P.S. Keep on tagging people, thank you all so much =D

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