02 April 2006
So random

This is maybe one of the worst Sundays I ever experienced. I don't know why, but it is so BORING! I could have died from exhaustion due to boredom. Not to mean that literally though ;). Might as well channel some of those energies into blogging! Horray!

Okay, let's start with yesterday, since its pretty recent. As you all know, yesterday was April Fool's Day cum Jason Sim's birthday. April Fool's Day was rather dull, some people like Ibrahim played lame tricks on me, and I fell for it! Oh my gosh! Oh well, I am always gullible, April Fool's Day or not. And Jason Sim was looking unusually sad for a birthday boy. I thought it was my imagination, but......I pity him though, wish he could have a better day yesterday =(. I don't know whether he heard my birthday greeting or not, because I said it like twice and it seemed as though my message did not enter his ears o.O.

Okay, so the first two periods were Geography, we learned about volcanoes and stuff. Well, it was pretty alright, just learned a bit more in detail about this ferocious thingy together with some Form 2's work. Then Physics was terrible. We learnt some rules about Newton's Laws 1 to 3, then we did S.A.P. Oh man, I can barely understand the lesson although I tried to pay attention in class. I mean, how do they function and why do they happen and stuff wasn't really properly explained to me, or to the class. Then of all things, we did SAP. Grrr, I'm so hating the book now. It's intended to be a revision book laaa. Okay, no, I just don't freaking understand the bloody thing, and I go ba-ba over the questions, with the very blur look on my face.

So, because of them, and because I was extra bored this morning, I went here and read about the laws. It took me roughly an hour, then baru I understand most of them. My gawd man. Does Physics have to speak Latin and Greek all the time? Its so hard to understand until you meneliti the whole thing then use your wild imagination to picture everything!

Okay, so after Physics was English. Learnt parts of speech again, Lol! Then R.K., then Chemistry, then Maths and finally BM. I think the Malay teacher was angry. The class was making a hell lot of a noise, it turned from a sweet class into a chaotic zoo! In the end, he stormed out of class (at least I think he was, but he informed us about it). You know what? The whole class cheered! Lol!

Today I did nothing much la, just go browsing people's blogs and watch some TV then read Malay book. Swimming classes has been cancelled ever since the epidemic (a.k.a. nasty HFMD), so...I'm really really restless now. I don't know what to do! Help?

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