19 May 2006
The Beginning of An Ending

...has yet to come. The finale of the Mid-Year Exams 2006 had came to an end on Wednesday, 17th of May 2006. For me, that is! =D So basically what I'm doing now is just playing Sims and more Sims the whole time.

Exams have been pretty hectic for me, and I didn't do so well this time (or should I say again?). Honestly, I think I'm slacking off, and that's a seriously bad sign :|. And the computer kept calling and chanting my name. "Turn me on...TURN ME ONN!!!"

My worst paper was Physics, not surprisingly. It seemed like everyone struggled it. I know I completely screwed up the last Section C question about some vertical oscillation and you have to draw a graph. Oh dear...I was panicking la at the last minute. So I gave up hope of scoring marks for that question and hantam shade in 3 MCQ answers lol! First time doing that man. I didn't even read through the question. Hopefully if I'm lucky enough, I get them correct AHAAHAH!!

This is a pretty short post, but I don't know what else to post up. It's more like gratitude that the week-long exam marathon is finally over.

I need to play now. PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!

And tomorrow...


I don't want to fail my Paper 1 English, I think I wrote out of topic. I described too much, and the main plot was written very very briefly. I'm so gonna die. My understanding, interpreting and writing skills have deproved lar. Hopefully I get ngam ngam pass or something =S.

I hope I won't fail my Physics...

Talk to you guys later, and thanks for tagging everyone!

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