12 May 2006

I don't believe it! I actually got merit for Grade 6 Piano Theory Exam! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!!


Damn! And my piano teacher told me that I am the first person to get Merit for Grade 6 in Contessa! (I'm the 4th candidate to sit for that exam by the way)

I'm not bragging, I'm just too happy! =D

Oh well, back to studying Biology. (At least it's an interesting subject for me, after "someone's departure gone. Sorry if it sounds mean)

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Did you know your tagboard doesnt appear for me? =.= I'm anti-cbox now. But anyways, congrats on getting merit!

Anonymous jiayean whispered at 15 May, 2006 10:05.  

Haha thanks! What browser are you using? Cbox should appear fine for both Mozilla and IE.

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 15 May, 2006 12:07.  

HAHA. if you're using IE, stop that gayness at once! go for firefox. opera is cool too.

Blogger Alex whispered at 15 May, 2006 21:55.  

(yes i know cbox works for all browsers but that isnt the point. ditch IE. it's gay, like microsoft)

Blogger Alex whispered at 15 May, 2006 21:56.  

[alex] i dont use ie. i use firefox. and it doesnt work for both okay. and its not only shim's site; it happens for almost all cboxes for me.

Anonymous jiayean whispered at 19 May, 2006 15:06.  

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