22 May 2006
Papers Have Been Returned...

What disappointment! Only like 3 papers were returned todays nia... Haha, I'm so happy that I actually got credit for my English Paper 1. I nearly wrote out of topic, and I was commented to stay more focused on the topic and not be too descriptive. Thank goodness! I outdid myself =D.

Malay 2 was so-so I guess. And Maths, ugh~ I did not intend to join in the NSW Maths, but why must she tick my name on Saturday when I didn't say anything. I should have said "No" but I feel that it only will make matters worse and in the end, I still have to participate. In other words, I was forced to pay up la. Hai~~ But I know it's not only me, there are other people too.

Luckily I got a B for Maths (phew!) I expected my marks to be in the mid-50s, since I did badly for Section B. Haha...Thank goodness it never happened. Kesian Si Nelson though, he only needs 1 mark in order to pass =\.

This morning, I received an unexpected surprise from Marcus. He took out his mobile phone, and I was like, "Hey! You're not alllowed to...Oh, nevermind. School has not started yet." I was wondering what he's going to do with it.

And he showed me the picture. I recognised it instantly. I have seen it all the time in a certain website. My eyes lit up with joy when I saw it, my heart beating so fast I thought it could fly out of my chest. Adrenaline rushed all over my body.


Even better. He told me it was sold in Hua Ho Manggis, near my house again. It really lit up my day man. I could never been happier. Who cares about the price, if one can enjoy playing it for years to come (Ok, not really la haha).

DAMN! I want it now...Now...NOW!!!


Okay, I'm tempted to buy it today. I downloaded the patch already ^^.

After this post, I shall indulge myself in Sims 2. You may say I have no life, but the truth is I have. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here you know ;) (Choi!!!).

It's my hobby, okay? Nothing sad about it, okay? You have your own interests, I have my own too. It's just that not many people have similar interests like mine, therefore you tend to think it's weird/sad/lame/lacklustre/boring etc etc etc. So there!

Umm...this is rather sudden, so bye-bye?

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