25 June 2006
Friday, love you so much...

No, Friday is not a girl's name lol! It's just that, everything is so magical on that day, it's like things fall into place as they planned to. I love my siblings for that =D. Let's see...

Yes, in the afternoon, my brother and his girlfriend checked in to Empire Hotel at about 3pm. I was excited because I finally get to swim there for the first time! (The last time I went there, it was X.x. I couldn't swim at that time.) So we just basically swam swam swam for a few hours la. But before that, we took really weird and funny pictures in their suite. It was hilarious man. But I don't like the delaying until 4 la. But it's okay la, it was fun.

Then we finally get to swim. Hey, it's really a shame that we can't play at the kiddie slide there. You know that slide for "kids" in Empire. The one that's kind of big. Unfortunately, the royalties were there, and that place is closed down for "private function" = ( . So never mind la, we just swam at the artificial beach and the main pool. Mostly we waded around and swam a bit.

My mom actually wanted us home for dinner but luckily, she said that she and my dad are going out dinner, so she told us to eat outside. I was ecstatic beyond words. We wanted to swim at the indoor pool and play bowling, but then it's already kind of late in the evening. So we ate at the Pantai after showering and drying ourselves off. The food there is EXCELLENT, but too bad I can't eat much. Hahaha, I was groaning and moaning because I can't finish my food! While we were eating, we were given a private performance by a guitarist and a...shaker? =S Both can sing la. So they sang us an oldies song. They sang beautifully, partly because I grew up hearing these oldies songs haha! So I know the tune and stuffs. ^^ I don't know the title of the song though.

After that, we wanted to go bowling, but then the sports centre was closed for the night. So we decided to watch Scary Movie 4 at the Empire Cinema which was showed at 10.40 p.m. You know what?

When we went in, WE WERE THE ONLY ONES WATCHING =O. Throughout the whole show again! We were the only ones in the cinema! So sad, but so cool man. I mean, we can do anything we want, we can laugh out loud, scream out loud without giving a care to the world. Hahaha... So cool, it's like, they reserve specially for us (more like it's late in the night and people rather sleep than watch a movie =X).

Scary Movie 4 is a nice movie. According to my elder brother and his girlfriend, the movie actually showed different scenes from different movies, but they twisted everything in a funny way and combine together into one movie. Hahaha, at first I didn't want to go but luckily it didn't belong to the horror genre. There's a bit la, but not enough to give you nightmares. Below lists the scene of movies that they used:

And others I can't remember...

Overall, it's a very funny movie la. But it's sort of dirty and sick! =O And, I don't know, it's kind of pointless; the moral of the story wasn't strong enough. Typical of comedies la. If you like to get a good laugh, then watch this. It would be funnier if you watched all of the movies listed above.

And that's why I loved last Friday. I had a great time with my siblings. Thank you, thank you! ^^

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