18 June 2006
Funny things

As everyone knows, today is Father's Day. Yes, another shoutout to the dads and dads-to-be wishing you all happy father's day, especially my dad =). Okay, anyway, today I went out lunch with my family, except my elder brother who went to Miri to party around, I think -.-". But he's coming back later anyway.

It's a very normal day actually, but it turned out pretty differently when my dad saw a shirt he brought for me in Greece and asked me to wear it out. At first, I was hesistant because the Parthenon iron on picture in orange background doesn't look really great in that black shirt. But I suddenly remembered today is Father's Day, so I wore it for the sake of my dad. Hahaha =P.

When we were about to go out, I saw my little brother, wearing a white shirt WITH THE PARTHENON IRON ON TOO! I was like, omg, this isn't happening, tell me this is all a dream. But it isn't. I quickly told my brother to change, but he doesn't want to. I wanted to change, but I don't want to upset my dad. So in the end...

We both wear the Parthenon t-shirt!!!

Damn! That was really embarrassing you know, going around Jaya to the food court wearing the nearly similar 2 t-shirts. It's like...WE'RE TWINS!!! OMGGG! And the worse thing is, my brother wanted to embarrass both of us by walking together?!

Ugh, I don't want to describe in detail...

But it's kind of funny and cool as well. Hahaha, the ironies. I remember that when we were younger, we usually wear similar shirts to go out kai kai. Wah liewww... I don't think I want to relieve the same experience again...ever... Lucky my elder brother isn't around, otherwise he too will ridicule me =P.

Got to go swimming class now (tiring!), so I catch you guys later~

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