25 June 2006
K.K. Trip

Man, I really have lots of blogging to do. But I'm happy that the last week of my holidays was simply wonderful and enjoyable, it's like a dream come true XP. Okay, first things first, I have got to blog about the K.K. trip we councillors made. Erm ... I just copy and paste from the report that I typed out already for Mable, so here it is la, the "abridged version". Lol!

On the 19th of June 2006, the Student Council and some Form 5 students together with Miss Jane and Cikgu Chong assembled outside the school on a crisp and cool Monday morning. We departed from St. Andrew’s School by an air-conditioned and spacious bus at about 7 a.m. After making several pit stops on the way, we arrived at Kota Kinabalu at around 4 p.m. Our proposed stay was supposed to be at the hostel at Likas Sports Complex, but unfortunately, due to some inconveniences we have to bear, we changed our place of stay to Capital Hotel in Kota Kinabalu.

The next morning (20th June 2006) the students were brought around Kota Kinabalu and visited some places of interest. We also want to extend our thanks to some of the Institut Sinaran’s former councillors and Mr. Tan who acted as our guides during the trip. Our first stop was at Sutera Harbour Hotel, a five-star hotel in Kota Kinabalu. We were brought around to enjoy its grandeur and beauty as well as its sceneries. After that, we then went to Yayasan, Sabah, which is a tall building that has rotating floors on each level and houses a rotating restaurant near the top floor as well. We stayed for a short while and took a few pictures instead.

Later, we made a visit to the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). We first visited its Marine Research Centre where a guide gave us a tour showing us creatures that dwell inside the sea. It gave us an awareness of the fauna and flora that are surviving under the sea. After that, we were privileged enough to be given a tour around the campus of the university and even visited its museum as well.

In the afternoon, we made an educational visit to Institut Sinaran, a school that facilitates primary, secondary and sixth form students. We were given a welcome lunch as a welcoming gesture from Institut Sinaran. During the lunch, several of their councillors mingled with us and everyone had a good time getting to know each other. We then witnessed presentations from both schools.

During the presentation made by Institut Sinaran, our student councillors were made aware of their student council’s operation. Their system is a lot different from our Student Council. We took note of the differences and hopefully, we may be able to implement some of their ideas into our own Student Council where appropriate. Immediately after the presentations, students and teachers from Institut Sinaran and St. Andrew’s School celebrated Ebbie’s birthday, one of our fellow councillor. Councillors from Institut Sinaran then organised some games for everyone to enjoy and have fun and in the meantime, helping to foster relationships between the two schools. It was certainly enjoyable and everybody had fun.

During the third day of our trip (21st June 2006), we visited a national park somewhere near Mt. Kinabalu. We sight-saw for a while before heading back to the capital of Sabah and there we spent the rest of the afternoon doing whatever we fancied.

We ended our last day of our trip by visiting Pulau Manukan. There, councillors, teachers and students did whatever they wanted. Some waded in the sea water, some played football, some just lazed around, some hiked and some even jet skied. Overall, everyone had a lot of fun. After spending a good few hours on the island, we went back to the hotel and prepared ourselves before heading back to Brunei. We finally arrived at St. Andrew’s safely at around 7 p.m. and everyone headed back home, tired and exhausted but happy that they are able to enjoy themselves on a very interesting educational trip to Kota Kinabalu.

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Ummm...that's all?! I think about it and repost again later if I can remember what else happen. Hahaha...

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