14 June 2006
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Previous post deleted. I myself also do not understand what I was rambling about =S. Anyway, my life during the holidays now can be described in just 2 words: Sims 2! Yes, my whole life has been revolving around Sims 2 ever since the beginning of holidays (and some aforementioned problems too). Hoping that maybe after the holidays, I will get sick of Sims 2 and can concentrate better in my schoolwork.

Like that would happen.

Eventually, the cycle of procrastination repeats itself again, threatening to destroy my life as the tests draws nearer. Lol, it always happens and has been happening since ... since when again???

Sorry if this post is rather short, it's more like telling people that I'm still alive and this blog is still active. And thanks guys, I'm okay now. I think I made things go really REALLY out of perspective. Never mind. I'm glad that things are slowly returning back to normal.

Sort of...hehe... *gives a goofy grin*

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