05 June 2006
Umm hmm

Yea, sorry guys, I have been so engrossed into my Sims 2 game I actually couldn't find the time to blog. That game is fun man, especially since I got hold of the Open for Business expansion pack. Wow, so cool man, my Sims can actually run a business (D-u-h! Obviously, like the title of the game says). They had set up shops both at home and at community lots, but so far, they only managed to lose a lot of money, or earn insignificant sums of profit. Yea, it's that bad. Aiya, still a n00b la, hopefully their business will skyrocket ^.^

Let's start from Saturday. Hmm, let's see. Oh yes, we have a very very long assembly. It lasted 2 periods =O. One of the longest until everyone has to sit down. Prizes were given out, and I don't know how, I was somehow dragged to the stage and give away prizes (actually just carry the tray nia). My legs were so sore from carrying my own body weight for that long. And after assembly, I lack the energy to study in class. It was so long, so boring, so tiring, so UGHH.

During English period, everyone had to check their marks and calculate their aggregates and their averages. Mine was okay la. But it will be kind of terrible la it it is my GCE O' Level results. Thank goodness I was given extra credit for Physics for doing the corrections for Mid-Year Exam and First Assessment, I managed to somehow get a credit for Physics. Yay! (Though I don't really deserve it =P).

So there was this guy (I'm so tempted to brand him nasty names, but what the heck) who managed to beat me in Mid-Year Exams and he's like going "YES!" and gave an evil SMIRK of victory when I ermm... "shouted" my marks to Mrs. Shafee. And that's not all. He's like yippity yay-ing around for a while. And it's so annoying okay? You beat me? Oh, good loh. As if I care. (Okay, I do okay? You made me kind of furious with you.)

And this leads to another issue I want to raise. Kiasu-ism. What about it you say? Well, in schools, the top pupils usually have this kind of attitude which Singaporeans call it being "kiasu". Directly translated from Hokkien (I think), it means afraid to lose. I admit, I am kiasu even today, but I'm happy that I manage to not fret too much about my marks AND overreact. It was worse last time, to the point until even I got high marks, I will go cranky and berserk and do things that an ordinary student wouldn't. Just because I couldn't beat the Top 1. Looking back, I realised I was acting rather stupid, pointless and didn't help at all. Even worse, I looked like a jerk in front of my friends! They were like "You got so high already. What's there to be mad about?" and I, having a rather stubborn and ignorant nature, just continue grieving. It's really sad =(.

As I sit in class during the post-exam period, I can't help BUT notice a certain kiasu person (no offense, but I seriously feel that your efforts in trying to win back marks you do not deserve is simply futile) keeps coming to the front hoping to earn marks, even though he's already the highest. You know what? I am so tempted to go to the front and claim marks too but, nah, it's not worth the trouble and I do not want to ridicule myself in front of the whole class. And if you're trying to seed the kiasu quality back into me, I'm sorry, but I rather not be anymore. Because it's pointless.

Maybe that's the reason why I slackened off a lot. I lost the attitude of studying diligently. Always trying to burn the midnight oil. It's bad and I am trying to find back myself and quickly get into the track of studying not to beat people (although it will be nice change to be the top dog instead of second to best), but for the sake of my future. I need a secure life, and I want my future to be bright.

Okay, okay. Let me bring myself back down from fantasy into reality.

Let me gather my thoughts for a while...

Right. On Saturday, the last period was reserved for students to witness the Tug-of-War. One word, disappointed. It was just so boring. Whatever happened to the aggresiveness in that game? Everyone was like defensive and the words "Lock, lock!" is always heard. It's too long too. I don't know who won though. And it was rather short too. Sigh~ And so will this paragraph too.

Yesterday was Sports Day. IT WAS TIRING AND LONG AND IT WAS MAJORLY BORING X10. Ughhh. (Okay, this is quickly becoming a cliché). At first, we councillors have to march the march past. My march was horrible. My left arm kept moving with my left leg, when it's supposed to be the opposite. Man, that was so embarrassing. I think we looked rather inferior compared to the Police Cadets and Boys Bridage -.-". And we have to stand under the hot afternoon sun, and I forgot to mention that we have to wear blazers throughout the whole event! Like I was saying, after the march past, we together with the rest have to gather at the front of the field, sing the national anthem and listen to speeches. Oh man! At least the speeches were not too bad though. It was something about sports and success.

Okay, after that, us councillors go off doing their assigned duties. I was a prize steward, and I mostly have to guide the winners to the victory bench and ask them to wait there to collect their prizes. I sometimes assist in the prize giving. It was tiring la, have to run to and fro the tracks to guide the winners. Man, I wish I could win a sport medal. I really want one. I don't want to be just a nerd nia =S. LOL!!!

Towards the end of the event, there was a walkathon in which teachers have to take part. It was a funny sight! Man, some teachers can really walk man. Especially Mr. Bronie and Miss Agnes. Wah liew! My mouth was wide agape man when I saw them. Huff huff puff puff. =O And it was during the prize giving time when the prize stewards encountered a dilemma.

The 1st prize was missing!

Damn! We were all like so confused, so lost, so blur. Who could have taken the 1st prize unintentionally or intentionally we do not know. And everyone was like puzzled, confused and angry. It was so scary la. We never did find the prize. Somehow, one of the teachers had to sacrifice his/her 1st prize and it was given to...Miss Jane =S ?!?!

I can't really remember that well. It was all a blur to me. I was already so tired my sense of self has already shut down and gone to sleep. Later the councillors have to clean up the place. I feel like I turun pangkat already la LOL! And you know what? Most of them have like, already left -.-"". But whatever la, I just clean up anyway and balik kampung.

I didn't go to the dinner yesterday though. So utterly tired and lethargic. I don't really like to attend these social events. I always feel left out! I don't regret staying at home =). Dinner at home is much more delicious and always very homely =) Haha!

Most of today and last night was spent playing Sims 2 all the time. Hehe, I'm so happy with my Sims. Okay, okay, I know you guys had enough of hearing me blabbing about Sims 2 all the time, but it's a really cool game for me ^^. Haha... I do come online at times though, to check around people's blogs, tag and stuff. I missed a lot on their lives. Haha!

Alright. This is a pretty long post. I hope this keeps you satisfied. More coming your way soon! ^^

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