07 July 2006

Later in the afternoon today, I got to go to school to take part in Pentathlon. Sigh~ I don't know what to expect. And I'm not a very athletic person (although I would like to be one lol), and to go against some other students seem pretty intimidating to me. Oh well, never mind la, I just give it my best shot.

Anyway, once again, let's put someone in the limelight, namely Michael! Starring, Michael!

1. Actions speak louder than words (and they are lethal)

2. The complete opposite of someone who I know

3. Dominant in the left

4. Talk to the hand; let the fists do the talking

5. Your interests do not match your overt personality, but okay =P

6. Quite different from the ex-3Y guys

7. Remember what happened in KK where we witnessed a very "sickening" ... err ... "act" by one of our ... "room mate" =P

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