09 July 2006

Hi everyone! I'm feeling so tired today, most of my energy is drained away, leaving only enough for my cells to carry out metabolic activites (What the ****, too much Bi0logy!). Last night, we councillors have our annual dinner and a few teachers came and go at different times. Overall, the whole dinner was okay, food was so-so and then the events ... are just "okay-okay nia la".

Mostly, I danced around, sang, ate and played pool and we all have fashion pageants. Hehehe. I just found out that I'm a very bad dancer and singer =P. But it's okay, I still had some fun doing that. Just wondering why the supposedly more extroverted social animals aren't really doing much to lift the dinner to high spirits. I don't know, but I can feel that it's not as lively as it should be o.O.

I too lazy to blog more about the dinner; not really in the mood to do that. Anyway, moving on to starring taggers in this blog. Mwahahahahaha...

Starring, Jason Lew!

1. Big, dark, handsome =P?

2. Has 2 families.

3. Geography!

4. Utama Grand, remember?

5. Lethal when a rubber band gets into his hands.

6. Very socialable =P

7. In same tuition with my brother!

I do the rest later, I got to prepare myself for swimming classes. Later!

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