30 July 2006
Butterfly - Ultra Coolness

I want everyone to cease their thoughts of butterflies flying around wide sparse greenery with the sun shining brightly and the rainbow showing off its gay colours.

Today, I just realised that the butterfly is the most coolest and most awesome swimming stroke of all time. All this while, I have been trying to master its kick; only today did everything sink in. Sure, today I swam my very first "correct" butterfly stroke and to tell you the truth, it was seriously amazing doing it and even seeing my coach doing it.

That stroke has majesty, superiority and prowess!!!

I really like the way the body moves underwater in butterfly, it's like a fish, or is it more like a killer whale! Despite me feeling rather daunted at first with this stroke (I had some troubles trying to execute it), in the end when executed properly, man it's the bomb!

It makes me so powerful in water XD

Hopefully, we'll do more of that next week, and not some front crawl drills where you have to swim like 100m x 2/3 plus technique improvements. Sigh~ But at least today's was interesting ;)

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