30 July 2006

The topic of the day is food! Now food is a seriously big thing that everyone needs, so much so it has been classified as one of man's biggest needs in life. Straight to the point, I just want to say that it has been quite a while since I actually enjoyed savouring the delicious taste of food and smelling their heavenly and intoxicating aroma.

Something is seriously wrong with me. How can one just not enjoy eating food? To me, it slowly became a monotony for me, everyday it's just basically the same thing. Stuffed chicken, chicken in honey sauce, pan fried fish, ginger fish, steamed fish, curry meat, vegetables, soup and all sorts of Chinese food(all cooked in Chinese style). Sounds pretty mouth-watering, isn't it? But then this is what I usually eat everyday!

I'm afraid that my taste buds which have gotten used to these luxurious taste just could not function properly anymore. In other words, food no longer gives me an ecstasy, but instead, just something that is to be tasted, know the taste, enjoy the taste and simply down it. I'm not trying to show off my riches here, or how my maid has became the chef of the house.

And I found out that I could not stand hunger pangs, even though I know the food is going to be served pretty soon. Like just now, I couldn't concentrate on my reading because my Dad has not came back from taking-away dim sums from Dynasty Restaurant. I was in a very grouchy mood and kept mumbling something unintelligible.

Finally the food came, and when my Dad called me for lunch, or brunch, I was terribly ecstatic and quickly ran down and immediately gobbled on my food. Ahh, finally the end to all ends of my hunger (imagines hunger bar going up). After me swallowing the food, my hunger was satisfied and I was full and content. Yet, something is missing...it's like as if I have overlooked something while eating.

I didn't really enjoy my food.

Yes, it was delicious and nicely cooked (in fact, most of my food I eat are pretty delicious) but it was more like I live to eat and I eat to live. I get hungry most of the time, but whenever I eat, I satisfy my hunger, yet it's like as if I've not actually eaten any yet!

Maybe it's partly due to my nature and maybe a chip of the old block. I share many similar qualities with my Mom, appearance and characteristics-wise. Somehow, I am a very rushed person. I take things too fast. Whenever I eat, instead of concentrating and enjoyed the fine tastes that food offer us, I am more like a glutton that wants to take in the tastes at once, register it in my brain and finally it goes down to my gut. I find it very hard to eat slowly and extract the different tastes both macro and micro from the food; it's very difficult for me, and it's also killing my patience.

That's why I usually eat 5 times a day (school day), breakfast, 9.45 am breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner. That's pretty a lot, and with the lack of exercise I'm getting these past few weeks, it's no wonder I gained so much weight! Now I'm upset with myself! I can't properly enjoy my food, therefore to compensate for that I eat fast, gobble in huge amounts and eat often just to experience the tastes. Even Thien Thien chicken rice and pizzas from Pizza Hut sort of failed to captivate me. (Gasp! I know; how could I?!)

Call me a glutton. For a rather average normal person I am, I can eat a lot.

Maybe I just need a variety. Even then, after eating all the different types of food, I would have eaten all and will eventually get bored with it. Like that would happen, I am not a very exciting person, and probably won't delve myself into savouring European food, or maybe Japanese food. o.O Hmmm...I guess I might need to be given a food ration, that way, I probably appreciate my food more.

It's really unfair that I'm complaining about the wonderful food that I've been serve, whereas there are still millions of children out there suffering from famine, starvation and food shortages. ARGHHHH!!! I really feel so guilty now...

I seriously need to slow down just simply enjoy and appreciate the food that I eat and ate. Maybe it will satisfy my hunger much more effectively! But I really could not do so, I just simply must eat fast. I need to make an appointment with a food therapist! Another thing, I also realised I have BAD TABLE ETIQUETTES. I eat like a sloppy gluttony pig! I wipe my mouth with my hands. I talk when my mouth is full. I hold my fork and spoon like a barbarian! (I'm serious, I'm not even exaggerating now) I will mess up my plate. Oh, and I sometimes hold and bite food using my hands, like chicken and prawns.

Goodness gracious, I made it sound like I'm a terrible eater. I hope that after you guys know this, you won't be turned off by it. But I highly doubt that. *chuckle* Tips on enjoying food anyone?

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